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Brian Cohen, Violin Maker

Professional Violin maker, established 1972, constructing violins, violas and cellos to commission, both modern and baroque, individually hand-made in the classical Italian style.

Celebrating 48 years as a professional maker
Over 500 instruments made and sold, worldwide

I work in a totally traditional manner, using hand and sometimes even treadle powered tools: Any early violin maker stepping into the workshop today would instantly recognise the tools, materials, techniques and methods of making I have always employed, to the extent that still in daily use are 2 original 19th C treadle machines, (lathe and circular saw,) and countless original fine hand tools. Some handtools originally belonging to David Rubio are also still in daily use.
It is only by working the woods directly by hand in the traditional methods with virtually no 'machining' that the authentic and full potential of the wood can be recognised and realised, and this is aided by using these original tools, which in themselves serve to influence the making style.
'Compromise' is not a word used in the studio. I do not work to a 'fixed time' for any instrument, each one takes as long as it needs to, with the ultimate aim of making each an 'individual', to the highest standard possible.

Technical Information:( page under construction, now: (Jan 2020) )

Woods and Materials:

Type of Moulds Used:

Sequence of Construction:

The Ribs:

The Back and Table:

The Neck and Pegbox:

Fittings, Finish and and Set-Up:

Visitors to the studio are welcomed, but strictly by appointment only.